Summary Sheets for Veterans (played at least 4 rounds):  AlisonK, BradyB, BridgidF, ChelseaG, DanMo, DarinB, DaveC, DavidMEllenVEmilyR, EmilyS, EyalY, IanT, JasiaPJeremyBJoeC, JoeH, JonP, JoshV, KatieB, LauraCLiaD, MarieM, MattB, MikeD, MikeSNimaS, PhilKPippaN, SaadCSewerynB, SherriF, SpeeKVimalV, WillBYanivE  

X-Round Player Comparison (# Rounds, normalized adjusted scores for songs that counted, rating variance, submission score variance, proportion of rated songs "known", proportion of submitted songs "known" by others)

(Same thing if you include non-veterans)

Cross-Round Node-Spring Model:

The model is a monte-carlo style pseudo-physics model, a simple (though computationally expensive) algorithm aimed at the same target that metric multi-dimensional scaling is.  The model can handle missing data.

Node-Spring Model, Players. (animated .gif)  Neighbors have more similar tastes (liked/disliked the same songs).  People far away had less similar tastes.

(Same thing with only veterans)