Summary of all submitted songs. Better submissions are at the top, worse at the bottom. "adj" in the header means ratings for which the song was already known were Adjusted (halved) -- "n" in the header means the ratings were normalized for each rater.  CountBoo is whether or not a song "counted".

Cross-Round Node-Spring Model:

The model is a monte-carlo style pseudo-physics model, a simple (though computationally expensive) algorithm aimed at the same target that metric multi-dimensional scaling is.  The model can handle missing data.

Node-Spring Model, Songs (and showing genre averages). (animated .gif)  Proximal songs/genres were liked by the same people and disliked by the same people.  So, it's not a measure of which genres are similar per se, it's a measure of which genres are liked by the same people (or not).  That might end up being the same thing.  Genre average values were increased by 30% (to unclutter them a little).